Members Miscellaneous Items

Members miscellaneous items

Viewing Notes/Tips:

  • If your browser automatically resizes the drawing upon loading, you may not be able to read information on these images.  You may be able to set your browser so that it does not resize by going to tools, internet options, advanced then deselect the box for auto image resizing.
  • In your browser you may be able to manually resize the document by holding down the “Control Key” and turning the wheel or using the arrow keys.
  • In some browsers you can rotate the PDF image by holding down both the Control & Shift Keys and then push the “Plus” key to turn clockwise and the “Minus” key to turn counter-clockwise.
  • Plot map of central WoodBridge ranch (presumably units 1,2 &3 )
  • Roseville plot map area released 9/92
  • WBR Unit 1 Map  Unit 1
  • WBR Unit 2 Map  Unit 2
  • WBR Unit 3 Map  Unit 3
  • WBR Unit 4 Map  Unit 4
  • WBR Unit 4 Map  Unit 4A
  • Plot map of 4b, 1987 (northeastern corner of Woodbridge)
  • Roseville detail of unit 5A
  • Roseville detail of unit 5B
  • Lot H Plot map by Hickory Avenue
  • Placer Parcel Map 12
  • Placer Parcel Map 34
  • Placer Parcel Map 36
  • Water meter

Please help contribute by passing along something that could be a helpful reference to other members.  Some examples would be area wide plot maps, notes or diagrams affecting multiple lots.  Links pertaining to our properties… webmaster