WBR Social Events

The residents of WoodBridge Ranch engage in several social events throughout the year. These events, and the groups sponsoring them, are not associated with or sanctioned by the WoodBridge Ranch Homeowners association or its Board of Directors.

If you wish to participate in any of these social events or would like to made aware of upcoming events please send an e-mail to woodbridgefun@gmail.com

 These social events include but are not limited to:

WBR Driveway Social

We have been holding the WoodBridge Ranch Driveway Social for a number of years. It is an annual event, usually held in June in order to take advantage of the maximum amount of daylight since it extends into the evening hours.

This is a time to eat, drink and socialize with your friends and neighbors. This event continues grow each year as more of our neighbors take the time to come out and visit. We always look forward to seeing old friends again and some new faces as well!

The party generally is held on the driveway of three host volunteers over the course of the evening. Each stop is about an hour which provides time to visit, eat and drink at each driveway. The annual attendance is about 100 residents. This event is simple and fun and allows everyone to participate by providing food and/or beverage to a designated volunteer host. The last house is usually coffee and desserts.

This event is announced in both the newsletter and by E-Mail to those on the WoodBridge Ranch Social E-Mail list  woodbridgefun@gmail.com

Disclaimer: This is an adult party. Since will be walking at night, we suggest a flashlight for safety. Please note, the WBR Social Group is not associated with the WBR HOA or sanctioned by the Board.

Progressive Dinner

This is a fun event usually, but not necessarily, held twice a year. Art Hawkins and Karen Bickford have been the organizers. The Progressive Dinner is designed for a maximum of 48 people, in groups of 4 couples, and is designed to involve all couples at some point during the evening in hosting a meal course. In this example 6 couples would each host would host 3 other couples in their home and provide appetizers and adult beverages. After about an hour everyone would move on to another house where different couples would host a soup or salad course. An hour later everyone would then move to yet another host couple for main course and then the final stop would be for dessert. The idea is that every couple gets to mingle with different people at each house. It is a great way to meet people and an inexpensive way to entertain. In the past these Progressive Dinners have been held in the spring, the fall and on New Year’s Eve.