The parks are private and for the use of residents. Only guests accompanied by a resident my use the parks and their amenities. The restrooms and tennis courts are locked. One key, which opens both, are issued to residents by the property manager. For new residents, the selling resident should leave you their key.

Lake Park is one of two private parks. It is a 20 acre park centrally located in the development which closes at dusk. The pictures give just a small view of the beauty and charm of this wonderful asset to our neighborhood. The picnic areas, including BBQ’s and tables, are available to owners and their guests. A great playground is just waiting neighborhood children. A tennis/pickleball  court and a basketball court are for daytime use by residents. The private lake is teeming with fish (catch and release policy) and other wildlife. A grassy area containing a baseball diamond is a perfect place to spend an afternoon or fly a kite. Adjacent to the tennis/pickleball court is a sand volley ball court and horseshoe pit.

On the 4th of July, families gather in Lake Park  to set off fireworks on the baseball diamond infield at dusk. It is a safe place to share your fireworks and celebrate Independence Day.

Petite Creek Park contains a picnic area, basketball half court and two night lighted tennis courts. One court has a backboard for practicing.