Contacts List – Committees

Association Contacts

Board Members

Joe Bitson, President, (916) 759-6332,

      Andy Klonecke, Vice President, (916) 223-0220,

Andy Klonecke, Secretary, (916) 223-0220,

        Jeff Wedge, Treasurer, (916) 899-9942,

 John Steitz, Member at Large, (916) 960-7999,

The Management Trust, Kocal Division

(916) 985-3633 P.O. Box 1459, Folsom, CA 95763-1459

Kelly Kozicki, Property Mgr. EXT 5137

To Be Named, Assistant Manager

Liz Cordier, Account Information, EXT 5109

Safety & Security

Sacramento County Sheriff    (916) 874-5115 (911 for emergency)

Placer County Sheriff    (530) 886-5375 (911 for emergency)

Volunteer Committees Chairpersons/Other Key Contacts

Architectural Committee Reviews/approves plans for new construction, exterior remodels or major repairs, new roofing, exterior painting & major landscape changes. Approval must be given for any structure built with building materials (ie concrete, wood, roofing, stucco, fences etc.). If you are not sure anyways call because all projects must be approved by the Association before they are started.

Bob Milano, (916) 240-7223,

       Karen Bickford, (916) 367-9188,

       Andy Klonecke, (916) 223-0220,

CLICK HERE for the Architectural committee approval form

Neighborhood Watch 

Youth Fundraiser Solicitation Pass Request

Youths wanting to solicit within WoodBridge Ranch must complete the Resident Youth Solicitation Pass Request Form and submit this by following the instructions provided below.

CLICK HERE for the Resident Youth Solicitation Pass Request Form

Lake Park Reservations

Act as reservations point of contact for Lake Park, post reservation signs, coordinate check-out/in of sports equipment, coordinate deposit and insurance coverage with Kocal.

Click Here for Lake Park Reservation Procedure 2023

Nikki James (916) 505-9310 ,

Deborah St.Clair  (backup) (916) 213-4488

Picnic & Activities

Plan and organize the annual Homeowners Picnic, other events as needed.

Tamara Barker, (305) 299-4622

Security Email Alerts (Security issues, lost and found, WBR Communications)

Art Hawkins, (916) 725-3026,

Website Management

Implement and maintain web site

Jonathan Bird, (916) 791-4879,