Activities Committee

Currently the Activities Committee sponsors three activities throughout the year. These are:

Annual Picnic

The WoodBridge Ranch HOA hosts a yearly picnic for owners and their guests at Lake Park.

In recent years the the picnic has been held on July 4th . Often, the weather is extremely hot at that time. By popular vote, the date of the picnic was changed to September in 2015. The weather is warm but there are lots of nice shady spots. The food is always great. There are activities galore with a live DJ providing the music. The kids always enjoy games of every sort.

The annual picnic is a chance to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones. It is one more thing that makes WoodBridge Ranch such a special place to live.


4th of July Fireworks

Traditionally, residents have gathered on the 4th of July in the Lake Park on the grassy area adjacent to the baseball diamond to enjoy fireworks. This is a non HOA sponsored event whereby interested residents bring fireworks and gather at dusk in the park to celebrate Independence Day with fireworks. It is a safe, open space that lends itself well to firework displays. With residents each bringing their own fireworks we can have an impressive display.

Horse and Carriage Rides

Each December residents have been offered the opportunity to purchase rides on a horse drawn carriage for a nominal sum. These rides are popular so they are offered on a first come first served reservation basis.

Notification of these events will be by direct e-mail , through the quarterly newsletter and by e-mail from